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MH370: MYSTERY SOLVED finally explains what really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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PICKING THROUGH THE PIECES is a fascinating insider view into one of the world’s most interesting professions, packed with 40 years of experience.

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Larry Vance has spent a lifetime in aviation. His background as a training pilot, flight test examiner, and civil aviation inspector led to a career as a professional accident investigator.

He was Investigator-In-Charge for over 200 field investigations. He was also a leader in the Swissair 111 crash investigation, for which he received a Government of Canada Certification of Recognition. He also received the prestigious Government of Canada Merit Award for writing the Transportation Safety Board of Canada's Manual of Investigation Operations.

He continues to work on high-profile investigations worldwide and provides investigator training to international clients, including to government investigative agencies.


  • Media interviews and stories about his books and MH370
  • Accident investigation services and investigator training courses
  • Translation and foreign publishing rights

Ottawa, Canada

In the summer of 2016, Larry Vance provided his opinions about MH370 to 60 Minutes Australia, and those opinions went worldwide in the media. Two years later, when a renewed search for the wreckage based on incorrect assumptions was coming to an end, he published a book about MH370 to point out significant deficiencies in the official investigation, examine all available evidence in plain language, and debunk speculative theories by showing how they do not fit with the entire stream of existing evidence.

In his new book, “Picking Through The Pieces: The Life Story of An Aircraft Accident Investigator” Larry reveals the backstage details of how this episode, and a subsequent “60 Minutes: The Situation Room” program, were produced. In the book, he also explains his motivation for publicizing the truth about MH370 disappearance through the media and his first book.